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    The Habema Distributed Free Food, Yauria Residents Cheerful

    Senin, 01 Juli 2024, Juli 01, 2024 WIB Last Updated 2024-07-01T16:27:23Z
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    Media DNN - Sinak Puncak, PenKoopsHabema | The Task Forces of the Raider Infantry Battalion 323/Buaya Putih Kostrad, one of the military units under the command of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (KOOPS TNI) HABEMA, is currently carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in the Puncak Regency area, Papua Tengah Province. On Monday, 1 July 2024, the 323 Task Forces Patrol Team carried out routine security patrols in the Sinak District, specifically the Yauria Village. In the middle of the security patrol, the Team had an opportunity to distribute free food to the residents.

    Before the patrol began, the 323 Task Forces, especially the Sinak Bandara Post led by First Lieutenant Fauzi, had prepared several packages of food to be distributed to the residents. It was done in connection with the experience of several previous patrols in the Yauria Village, where it was found that some residents had difficulty eating rice. Therefore, that Monday morning, the Soldiers brought several packages of food with rice in them, and then distributed to the residents.

    When the food was distributed, the Yauria residents who received it expressed their joy with big smiles while saying thank you. A senior Papuan mother, named Mama Maria Murib, even gave “Salam Komando” (military greetings) to a Soldier from the 323 Task Forces, and saying "Praise God, Bapak Tentara (Army Soldier), thank you for sharing the food. God bless all Soldiers."

    "The creativity of food distribution by the 323 Task Forces in the Yauria Village is an effort by the TNI to maintain harmonious relations with the community, in order to support efforts to accelerate fulfillment of basic needs in the Papua region," said the HABEMA Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, upon receiving the program report. (Red).